RITEC Clients - High Powered Ultrasonics and Pulsed Ultrasound

Our Clients

Our Client List

RITEC has worked with an extensive list of research and industrial clients. Domestically the list includes Bell Laboratories, Boeing, Cornell University, Duke University, General Electric, Los Alamos National Labs, Schlumberger-Doll Research, Shell, Thiokol Propulsion, and United Technologies Research Center, to name a few.

RITEC has worked closely with several parties to develop the SNAP system, which is used for the study of non-linear acoustics. A few of these are The Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation, Iowa State University, The National Institute for Standards and Technology, NASA, and The Johns Hopkins University Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation, all of which have purchased RITEC equipment.

RITEC is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Colloidal Dynamics, EMAT Ultrasonics, BAE Systems, Tektrend International, and WIS (Weld Inspection Systems).

RITEC also has many overseas clients. Some of our direct sales include CSIRO in Australia, Technion Institute of Technology in Israel, and the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Through our representative, Insight KK, RITEC’s clients in Japan include Osaka University, EBARA Research Institute, the Nagoya Institute of Technology, and Sumitomo Metals. Helping us service clients in Korea is MKC Korea. RITEC’s Korean customers include the Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science, the Korean Electric Power Research Institute, and the Posco Technical Research Laboratory. Our European representative, Partikel Analytik, is the liaison for RITEC’s clients in Germany. German firms include Siemens, and the Fraunhoffer Institutes in Dresden and in Saarbruecken.