About RITEC - High Powered Ultrasonics, Pulsed Ultrasound, High Power EMAT Driver

About Us

Who and What RITEC is

RITEC was formed in 1988 by Gary Petersen and Bruce Chick. Their objective was to develop a line of sophisticated instrumentation under computer control which could be used by workers in the rapidly expanding field of ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of materials. Combined, Bruce and Gary have in excess of 90 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic instrumentation.

RITEC’s basic philosophy is to work in conjunction with the customer to provide instrumentation that is at the forefront of technology. The customer is a vital component of the product definition process. By working closely with the users, RITEC is able to provide systems customized to meet the needs of each.

RITEC has participated with NIST, Matec Applied Sciences, University of Osaka, Johns Hopkins University, EMAT Ultrasonics, Inc., NASA and others to improve instrumentation and develop techniques. These efforts have resulted in a number of journal publications in which RITEC personnel were either authors or acknowledged in the articles as contributors. Two of these papers have won national awards. RITEC has had a CRADA with NIST for more than five years and has a MOA (Memorandum Of Agreement) with NASA.

These relationships are invaluable in RITEC’s continuing effort to upgrade and improve its instruments. Many RITEC instruments are designed with a modular configuration that makes them ideal for flexibility and upgradability. More than 50% of all sales involve some type of special modification.

RITEC prides itself in having developed both a very sophisticated product line and a carefully controlled production environment that precludes compromised instrument performance. The quality of the instrumentation is a direct result of marrying the knowledge base of the principals with the dedication and skills of their highly loyal staff.