RAM 10000 System Frequently asked questions from RITEC



Q: Can your standard line products be modified to meet my specific needs?

Yes, Ritec will consider modifying most of our products to match the needs of our customers. In most cases this includes modifying receiver filters and output transformers, but we have also modified logic circuitry and even case layouts.

Q: Do I need a Ritec mainframe to power a Ritec peripheral?

No; we also offer a power adapter that will allow you to power a Ritec peripheral without a Ritec mainframe. We can also provide a pin out diagrams and power requirements for any Ritec peripheral if you want to provide power with your own DC supplies.

Q: I looked at Ritec products and did not find the exact equipment needed for my application; do you make custom equipment?

Yes, we can make custom instruments for your particular application or modify one of our existing products to meet your needs. Feel free to call or email us your requirements.

Q: Is there a volume discount?

Yes; Ritec will offer a volume discount.  The price break depends upon the items being purchased; please contact Ritec for details.

Q: I have a unit that has one power connector to power my peripheral accessory. How can I use more then one accessory at a time?

All our peripherals are equipped with two power connectors, one male and one female, to allow you to chain them together and power more then one peripheral at a time.

Q: What are your payment terms?

Domestic orders are typically Net 30 days with approved credit or Prepay. International orders not placed through an authorized Ritec representative are typically Letter of Credit or Prepay.  Ritec also accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Q: What is the duration of your warranty?

All Ritec instruments, peripherals, and accessories have a one year warranty. (Link to Warranty)